• Features
    • Push notifications. Login from device. Auto Sync between clients.
    • Everything else what a self-hosted vaultwarden has to offer.
    • Everything is End-to-End encrypted. Nobody but you can see or access your vault/passwords/data.
  • About the service
    • This is a self-hosted project.
    • A 100% uptime can NOT be guaranteed! Be aware of that!
    • This is NOT an official Vaultwarden or Bitwarden instance!
    • Encrypted Backups are automatically made every hour. + the usual server snapshots every 24 hours.
    • Stored on an fully encrypted drive.
    • Runs on very reliable Hetzner cloud/servers based in Germany. Just like every other service on this site.


  • Can I trust you with my passwords/data?
    • NO. You should not trust anybody or any service out there, at all. Even though it is End-to-End encrypted. You should always take care of your data yourself and make regular backups! Do not think for a single second that you don’t need to do that!
    • Make sure YOU create regular encrypted backups for yourself!
    • is not responsible for any data loss!!
  • Can you delete my account or passwords/data?
    • Yes. But that would most likely not happen, because nobody but yourself can see your vault/data anyway.
    • Inactive accounts can and most likely will be deleted.
  • What if the service will be shut down, will I lose all my data?
    • This could always happen, depending on the circumstances (that doesn’t mean that it will happen though). But IF that happens, a reminder and information about it, way before it will happen (like weeks before) would be written on the homepage for users to see. So you have to be aware of that.
  • What data is saved? Is there any advertisment or tracking?
    • There is no difference to any other Vaultwarden and what it saves in its configuration. There is no tracking or advertisments. The data you provide on your own and your IP address and URL requests.
    • You can find more about that in the privacy policy and/or Terms of Service.
  • I can not reach the website/service anymore, is my IP blocked?
    • Chances are high, that your IP got temp banned for doing 3+1 failed login attempts in a period of 4 hours. Your IP then gets temp banned for 12 hours. The advise would be, that you take good care of your passwords/totp.
  • What if I lose/forget my master password?
    • If you cannot remember your master password, there is no way to recover your data. The only option to gain access to your account again is to delete the account so that you can register again and start over. All data associated with your account will be deleted. So, don’t forget to make BACKUPS of your vault!
    • is not responsible for any data loss!
  • Registration is not possible?
    • Registration may get closed when too many users and or the service seems to get abused. Come back later to check if registration is enabled again.

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Vaultwarden self-hosted encrypted password manager

By, 2023-12-26