Firefox Send

Firefox Send is back online. I got it somehow to work with ARM64 and unofficial container images for that. The main fork of the the discontinued Mozilla version did not support ARM64 officially.


    • A fork of Mozilla’s Firefox Send. Mozilla discontinued Send, this fork is a community effort to keep the project up-to-date and alive.
    • Forked at Mozilla’s last publicly hosted version
    • Mozilla & Firefox branding is removed so you can legally self-host
    • Kept compatible with ffsend (CLI for Send)
    • Dependencies have been updated
    • Mozilla’s changes since the fork have been selectively merged
    • Mozilla’s experimental report feature, download tokens, trust warnings and FxA changes are not included
  • Server info
    • Data limit is 10GB max currently.
    • All files uploaded are End-to-End encrypted client side.

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Firefox Send back online. ARM64 version.

By, 2023-12-04